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Grocery and Gourmet Foods

Grocery and Gourmet Foods
There's something for everyone to enjoy with the MARS Chocolate Favorites Fun Size Candy Bars Variety Mix. This bag contains an assortment of TWIX Cookie Bars, SNICKERS Candy Bars, MILKY WAY Original and MILKY WAY Midnight, 3 MUSKETEERS Chocolate Candy Bars. Each bag contains 30 pieces so there is p..
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Make delicious confectionaries with the Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark. It is suitable for a variety of baked goods. Use it to cover strawberries for a sweet, juicy dessert, dip pretzels for a salty, sweet snack, or cover some nuts for a mouthwatering, crunchy treat. Easy to make, it is microwave..
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Packed full of peanuts, caramel and nougat cloaked in creamy milk chocolate, Snickers Full Size Candy Bars help satisfy hanger. Stock up on Full Size candy satisfaction with this six-count SNICKERS Full Size candy bar pack. Fill the pantry at home or in the office with peanut-packed chocolate candy ..
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At last, oats for the gluten-sensitive! Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Quick-Cooking Rolled Oats have been thoroughly segregated, tested, and re-tested to confirm their gluten free status. These whole grain oats have been rolled very thinly, making them quick to prepare on the stove or in the microwave...
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SKIPPY Peanut Butter has been spreading tasty fun to every household since 1933. With 4 simple ingredients, 7 grams of protein, and no artificial flavors or colors, this super chunky peanut butter is perfect for any snack or part of any meal. From a delicious piece of peanut butter toast, to apples ..
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