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Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark, 24 oz

Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark, 24 oz
Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark, 24 oz

Make delicious confectionaries with the Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark. It is suitable for a variety of baked goods. Use it to cover strawberries for a sweet, juicy dessert, dip pretzels for a salty, sweet snack, or cover some nuts for a mouthwatering, crunchy treat. Easy to make, it is microwaveable and yields a thick, soft paste that forms a delectable layer of chocolate around your favorite items. Buy one of multiple packs, depending on your needs. The sections of bark make it easy to separate out the perfect amount for your culinary creation. Enjoy delectable treats with the Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark.

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Great Value Chocolate Almond Bark, 24 oz:

  • Delicious chocolate coating for baked goods
  • Can be used to create a delicious covering for fruits, nuts, cookies or crackers without much effort
  • Microwaveable


Skin Care Concern: Vegetarians-YES,Vegans-NO,Coeliacs-YES,


Ingredients: Sugar, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Cocoa Powder Processed With Alkali, Nonfat Dry Milk, Soy Lecithin (An Emulsifier), Natural Flavor.


Instructions: Melting Instructions: **1. Place desired amount of coating into a microwave safe bowl. **2. Microwave at full power for 60 seconds. Stir thoroughly. Continue to heat in 15 seconds increments until product is smooth. **Caution: Overheating of the coating will cause it to burn. **Dipped Strawberries: **Wash and thoroughly dry strawberries. **1. Melt coating according to directions. **2. Dip strawberries into the coating until covered halfway. Set on wax paper or foil to harden. **3. Sprinkle with nuts or sprinkles before coating sets if desired. **Dipped Pretzels: **1. Melt coating according to directions. **2. Drop a few pretzels at a time into the coating. Remove with a fork and allow excess coating to drip off. **3. Set on wax paper or foil to harden. **Tips: **? Cool treats in minutes by placing in a refrigerator or freezer. **? Coatings may be colored or flavored with oil based food coloring and flavorings. **? Use a tbsp. of vegetable shortening to thin coating for dipping. **? Do not use water based food colorings or flavorings. **? Do not add water, milk, oil, margarine or butter to thin out the coating. **? Do not store the coating in a

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